Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Comedienne Phyllis Diller Dies at 95

It hasn't been the best year for iconic celebrities as another well-known household name has passed away. Legendary comedienne Phyllis Diller died in her sleep Monday morning at her Los Angeles home. According to her manager, Mitt Suchin, Diller died "peacefully in her sleep" and her son, Perry, found her with a smile on her face. Diller is best remembered for her signature laugh, her eccentric wardrobe, and making jokes at her own expense. Many celebrity comedians and comediennes, including Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Rivers, and Whoopi Goldberg, were saddened by the news and paid their respects via Twitter. 

Diller made her first-ever television appearance on You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx  in 1957 Diller's television career jump-started in November 1952 when she began filming a television series titled Phyllis Dillis, the Homely Friendmaker. The 15-minute show was a Bay Area Radio-Television Production directed by ABC's Jim Baker. She began her career as a stand-up comedienne at The Purple Onion on March 7, 1955. She established herself as a professional by remaining at the entertainment club for 87 weeks. Her fame skyrocketed when she co-starred with Bob Hope in 23 televisions and three movies during the 1960s. She also joined Hope and his USO troupe in Vietnam in 1966 during the Vietman War. 

Since then, Diller has regularly appeared as a special guest on many television programs and game shows such as Rowan & Martin's Laugh-InTruth or Consequences, Super Password, and Body Language. Check out her humorous guest appearances in the videos below.

Phyllis Diller was a pioneer in her profession who paved the way for stand-up comediennes everywhere. She was a one-of-a-kind talent who made her mark in television history and there will never be anyone who will match her wits, comedic timing, and humor. Although she is no longer with us, she will never be forgotten.  

In Loving Memory of Phyllis Diller
Sources: LA Times, CNN

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