Monday, September 30, 2013

Top 5 September 2013 Game Show Highlights

With the month of September slowly coming to a close within a matter of minutes, today’s article will be reviewing the most memorable and unforgettable moments that occurred this month in the wide, world of game shows. September was a pretty big month for game shows with the return of fall favorites such as Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right and the departure of summer fillers like The Chase and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Let the top five countdown begin!

#5: “Out With The Old, In With The New”: Wheel’s New Express Wedge Sees First Big Winner- September 17
Wheel of Fortune kicked off its 31st season in style from The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas and introduced a brand new wedge to give contestants a new way to win even more cash. The Express wedge made its debut on the September 16, the same date as the show’s season premiere. Replacing the long-running Jackpot round and wedge, the new Express wedge gives a contestant to keep control of the board in the round and receive $1,000 a consonant, as long as they keep calling correct letters. The moment a contestant calls an incorrect letter while the “Express” is active, they will go Bankrupt. Within two episodes, a contestant has already seen the good that can come from the Express wedge when played correctly. The highlight begins at 3:46.

#4: “Plinko Turns 30”: The Price Is Right Celebrates Long Running-Pricing Game With All-Plinko Show: September 27
Long ago in a CBS television studio far, far away (well, from where I am anyway), a high-stakes pricing game was born, where up to $25,000 could be won. Plinko debuted on The Price Is Right on January 3, 1983. The top prize was initially $25,000 before it was permanently raised to $50,000 on October 15, 1998. The 42nd season of the CBS daytime game show paid a special tribute to the game by dedicating an entire episode with nothing but Plinko throughout the program. To up the ante and to add variety to this theme show, various Plinko board slots were filled with assorted prizes including cars, an ATV and a trip to London. Check out the entire episode on

#3: “The Million Dollar Question”: Josina Reaves Reaches The Millionaire Mountaintop- September 25
On Wednesday, September 25, contestant Josina Reaves, a high school English teacher from Brooklyn, NY, made her Millionaire appearance worthwhile. Reaves became the first contestant to answer the first 11 questions correctly under the current Shuffle format, and, more importantly, became the first contestant this season and in four years to reach the Million Dollar Question. The good news is self-explanatory, while the bad news is that Reaves became the first woman and second contestant in U.S. Millionaire history to answer a Million Dollar Question incorrectly. Although she lost $75,000 and walked away with only $25,000, Josina Reaves played a nearly flawless and courageous game. Check out the question and her moment in the clip below.

#2: “Another One Bites The Dust”: Raj Sets New GSN Record With Big Win- September 3
If you’re wondering about the headline, here’s why I chose this one – Of the six, aired episodes for the first season of GSN’s The Chase, Mark “The Beast” Labbett won four out of six Final Chases. Labbett’s only two losses in the American version were to a full, three-person team and to a solo contestant, Raj Dhuwalia, a math tutor from North Hollywood, CA. He now holds the record for the "most money won by a single player on a GSN original game show" with his win of $125,000. Check out the ending to Dhuwalia’s amazing game in the clip below.

#1: “The $2.6 Million Dollar Man”: Andrew Kravis Becomes The Third Biggest Money Winner In U.S. Game Show History- September 19
NBC’s newest game show, The Million Second Quiz, promised its viewers to give away the highest grand prize in game show history. In a way, the show came through with its guarantee by awarding $2.6 million (initially $2,326,346 before the producers bumped up his total to meet their quota) to champion Andrew Kravis. Kravis proved to be a force to be reckoned with on the show, as he was the first contestant to break the $200,000 mark and maintained his Winner’s Row status for over half the season. Check out Kravis’ multi-million dollar moment in the clip below.

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