Monday, February 24, 2014

Stay Tuned!: Game Show Highlights For The Next Two Weeks

For the next two weeks, things will begin to pick up in the world of game shows. Among the highlights are Hollywood Game Night returns to its original time slot as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi came to a close Sunday evening, Minute To Win It finishing its first season run on GSN by airing its remaining episodes beginning this Tuesday and the now infamous Arthur Chu returning to defend his championship title on Jeopardy! this week. Today’s article will keep you up to date on the what’s new on game shows all across the television medium.

Syndication for Week of February 24th
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Movie Week- Check Your Local Listings 
*This week marks the first Movie Week headed by Cedric The Entertainer since he has become the new host of the long-running syndicated series. For those of you who are not familiar with the special week, for the next five shows, all the trivia will be movie theme-based from the classics to the current. So far, this year’s Movie Week has not gotten off to a very good start after contestant Michael Simmons lost his bank on the ninth question, reducing his winnings down to a $1,000 consolation prize. But, the week is still young and something like this could happen by week’s end. 

Jeopardy!: Arthur Chu Returns As Defending Champion - Check Your Local Listings 
*As another edition of the show’s annual College Championship concluded with Terry O’Shea, a junior currently attending Princeton University winning the finals and $100,000 the regular week
continues with Arthur Chu coming back as the reigning returning champion. His current four-day total is $102,800 and, at rate he is playing, it seems like there is no end in sight in terms of how long he will stay on the show. He has recently been largely criticized by the media and home viewers for his unorthodox and unique approach to the game and his use of the game theory as a part of his strategy. As I have already stated, I have no problems with how he’s playing the game, just like how there was no problem with how Michael Larson “beat the system” and won over $110,000 on Press Your Luck by studying past episodes and memorizing the Big Board pattern back in 1984. At any rate, Jeopardy! should receive a nice ratings bump after this week because of Chu’s appearance on the show. How much longer will he remain champion and, more importantly, could he perform the same in the 2014 Tournament of Champions (given he’s a shoo-in for a spot in the tourney)?

Tuesday, February 25th
NEW! Minute To Win It (GSN) at 8:00pm
*New episodes of Minute To Win It will return to GSN’s primetime lineup tomorrow night at 8:00pm ET. The network will air ten “never-before-seen” episodes to every Tuesday night to officially complete the show’s first season. 

Wednesday, February 26th
NEW! *Mind of a Man (GSN) at 10:00pm
NEW! *Mind of a Man (GSN) at 10:30pm
*New Time

Thursday, February 27th
NEW! *Hollywood Game Night (NBC) at 9:00pm
NEW! Killer Karaoke (truTV) at 10:00pm
*Return After Olympic Hiatus

Syndication for Week of March 3rd

Jeopardy! Battle of The Decades 1990’s Week - Check Your Local Listings 
*The Battle of The Decades rages on with the best champions from the 1990s bracket competing for a spot in the next round two weeks from today. The week kicks off with undefeated five-day winners Eddie Timanus (1999) and Babu Srinivasan (2001), and the first woman to win a Tournament of Champions, Rachel Schwartz (1994). Keep your eyes peeled for Friday’s game as one notable 3-time Jeopardy! Tournament winner will try add a fourth win to his game show résumé. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 3rd - Thursday, March 6th
NEW! Win, Lose or Draw (Disney Channel) at 5:00pm 
*This will mark the official series premiere of Disney’s Channel’s second revival of Win, Lose or Draw. Monday’s episode will feature guest star teammates Peyton List and Cameron Boyce from Jessie. The series will air weekdays at 5:00pm ET with new episodes airing Mondays through Thursdays and repeats airing every Friday. The first “Teen” version of Win, Lose or Draw lasted for three seasons with Marc Price hosting from 1989-1992. Will this version out last its predecessor? Stay tuned to find out. 

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