Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Evening News Updates For July 2, 2014

As we are slowly approaching upon the eve of Independence Day, tonight's early evening news update will mostly cover upcoming premiere dates for present and future game shows including the Australian revival of Family Feud and The Price Is Right's Fourth of July episode, along with the debut of a new lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Fourth Of July Game Show Watch List
In the game show world, it is usually a tradition for certain shows to air a special marathon or themed episode for the day. This holiday, home viewers will have the privilege of seeing both with The Price Is Right airing its special Independence Day show on CBS daytime and GSN airing a dual-marathon of The American Bible Challenge and It Takes A Church. 

Beginning July 3, the four-episode marathon of It Takes A Church will begin at 7:00pm EDT. At 5:00pm EDT on July 4, the seven-episode marathon of the Daytime Emmy Award-nominated The American Bible Challenge will air. This will give viewers a chance to binge-watch both series, especially with The American Bible Challenge wrapping up its third season in about two weeks with the second semi-final and $100,000 final games still to play.

For this year’s Fourth Of July celebration, The Price Is Right’s studio audience will be filled with hundreds of members from the United States Armed Forces including men and women who are serving in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guards. Because of the holiday event, contestants will be playing for bigger prizes including the massive $100,000 cash prize in "Pay The Rent”. 

Watching the CBS promo for the upcoming show makes me nostalgic of the days when the show aired primetime specials, including the short series of shows dedicated to each member of the Armed Forces. Check your local listings for air times for The Price Is Right

“Millionaire” To Debut New “Plus One” Lifeline For Season 13
With all the new changes occurring for the next season of Millionaire, such as the production moving to Connecticut, the set’s new, dual-podium, “Hot Seat-esque” (I know it’s not a word) design, Terry Crews stepping in as the syndicated series’ third host, it’s no surprise that the show would be making alterations to the Lifeline lineup. Starting next season, one of the “Jump The Question” lifelines will be swapped for the new “Plus One” lifeline. This lifeline enables the contestant to bring a friend/family member (i.e.: their “plus one”) on stage to help the contestant with a question. The “plus one” can remain on stage until the contestant answers the question, use their “Jump the Question” lifeline or choose to walk away from the game. 

This is a good approach to reintroduce the forgotten “Phone-A-Friend” lifeline without worrying about “Phone-A-Friend syndicates” searching for the answers via Google. The only lingering problem I can think of is the “plus one” searching the answer on their smartphone prior to the contestant using the lifeline. But, I’m sure the producers will ensure the designated helpers are closely monitored. From the look of it, this lifeline most closely resembles the “Second Chance” help, as seen on NBC’s early-2000s revival of Twenty One, with the exception of the contestant being eliminated from the game with an incorrect answer, rather than risking elimination. It’s going to be fun watching that new dynamic in play next season, especially with someone as outgoing and extroverted like Terry Crews as the host. 

"Family Feud” Australian Revival Premieres July 14th
According to former Million Dollar Minute host Grant Denyer, more than 28,000 contestants applied to compete on the Australian revival of Family Feud and the new series is set to premiere Monday, July 14 at 6:00pm AST on Ten Network. The show will air weeknights while competing against Nine and Seven Networks’ live newscasts and will be a lead-in program to the channel’s entertainment news program, The Project. Thanks to Feud’s popularity on U.S. television and online, the network decided to raise the show from the dead after seven years, when Bert's Family Feud ended in 2007, in an attempt to boost Ten’s lagging ratings. In fact, chief programming officer Beverley McGarvey said Feud’s Youtube channel has received more than 3 million views from Australia. With all of the excitement of thousands of people applying to be on the show, this could be a daytime ratings hit for Ten Network. Denyer also shares the applicants’ zeal stating "It's really fun to watch, it's incredibly enjoyable to play along with at home and I think that it's a perfect family alternative at 6pm”. Australian viewers, stay tuned!

New Bowling Game Show, "The Edge”, Coming To BBC
A new game show will be soon added to BBC One’s daytime schedule with host Mark Benton, from ITV’s Northern Lights and BBC’s Waterloo Road. BBC has ordered a 25-episodes of the first series of the new bowling game show, The Edge. The program features four contestants competing in a series of elimination trivia rounds for a chance to bowl for big bucks before the ball rolls over “The Edge” and eliminates the contestant. No word yet on the show’s official air date. Go to BBC’s Shows and Tours page and download and complete The Edge casting call form if you are interested in applying for the show. The applications close July 20. 


  1. Has Australia just forgotten about "Bert's Family feud" which aired from 2006 to 2007?

    1. You're right! Allow me to make the correction.