Monday, September 15, 2014

Game Shows To Watch For The Week of September 14th

In the second week of Fall game show premieres, the top three game shows in syndication return with new episodes filled with big money, tough trivia questions and funny moments. Veteran syndicated game shows Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud begin their new seasons today. Today’s article will highlight all three shows and what the viewers can expect for each show this year. Before I proceed with this article, let me present you with this fun fact: these three shows have aired for a combined total of 79 years in syndication. Like the show co-hosted by John Davidson, that’s incredible. 

Wheel of Fortune: September 15; Syndication
The Hangman-inspired game show returns for its 32nd season in syndication with host and hostess Pat Sajak and Vanna White. The season begins with the show honoring teachers from all across the country by giving them a chance to win tens of thousands of dollars on (what I believe to be the first-ever) Teacher’s Week. Home viewers will also have more opportunities to win some dough with Banquet’s “Meal of Fortune” contest. Check out Wheel’s contest site for more information on how you could win one of hundreds of $500 cash prizes. With the exception of a few minor alterations within the game, not a lot has changed between seasons. The good news is the changes swing in favor of the contestants. Some of the updates include: 
  • The bonus round minimum cash prize has been upped to $32,000, in honor of the 32nd season 
  • The $350 wedge has been retired; the new minimum wedge value is $500
  • Calling the "same letter” in a Same Letter puzzle wins a $1,000 bonus  

Family Feud: September 15; Syndication
Family Feud returns in its 16th season in syndication with Steve Harvey hosting his sixth. With Harvey at the helm, this season will more than likely bring us more risqué questions, crazier answers and more unpredictable and hilarious moments. Feud has become a force to be reckoned with over the past few years and has even inspired Ten Network in Australia to revive its own version of the show. Check out the preview clip below to catch a glimpse of what this season has to offer as well as the slight changes in the set. 

Jeopardy: September 15; Syndication
After coming off of an Emmy Award-winning season, Jeopardy! looks to continue its success this year with more great games and brilliant contestants. The highlight of the 31st season will, undoubtedly, be the Tournament of Champions. The two-week tourney will air for two weeks from November 10-21. Game Show Kingdom listed the top-scoring champions from the previous season who could be competing in this season’s tournament earlier this month. The list includes the so-called “villainous” Arthur Chu and record-breaker Julia Collins. Some cities will also be treated to a double helping of Jeopardy! with encore episodes from the previous season airing in the afternoons on local affiliate ABC stations. This season will be also be one to remember because of Alex Trebek’s decision to grow back his mustache he has sported for decades until he decided to shave it off in 2001. Check out the clip below to see what former champions think about his iconic facial hair.

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