Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Super Deal & $500K Wins On "Let's Make A Deal" And "Million Dollar Minute"

This week in the wide world of game shows started off with a bang as CBS's Let's Make A Deal and Australia's Million Dollar Minute both witnessed huge wins yesterday and today, respectively. Lisa (still searching for last name) became the third contestant in the Brady era of Let's Make A Deal to win the $50,000 top cash prize in the Super Deal and Dougal Richardson became the biggest winner in the history of Seven Network's Million Dollar Minute after winning more than $500,000 last evening.

LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Lisa's Super Deal Win
Yesterday was an eventful day for the CBS daytime game show as the episode marked the first day of the first Super Deal week this season, the debut of the show's new car game, "Accelerator", along with the game's first winner (go to 9:53) and the first big Super Deal win of the new season. After winning a trip to Belize worth $7,852 at the top of the show, Lisa decided to risk it for a shot at the Big Deal of The Day and a chance at the Super Deal. When it was all said and done, Lisa went all in on the Emerald envelope and became the show's third biggest winner with her incredible total of $71,735; placing her behind Felix Reyes ($73,403) and Jorge ($73,515). Her $70,000+ haul includes a motorcycle, a personal electronics suite, a hot tub, a trip to Jamaica and $50,000 in cash. Check out her exciting win in the clip below.

MILLION DOLLAR MINUTE: Dougal Richardson Leaves With $500,000+
Speaking of exciting wins, Tuesday's edition of Million Dollar Minute saw Dougal Richardson win a grand total of $535,500 prize upon retiring from the show after his fourth attempt at surpassing the half-million dollar jackpot end game. Nicknamed "the Human Google", Richardson became the show's biggest winner, broke the "Safe Money" record last week by securing a guaranteed $109,000 and is now the proud recipient of the biggest cash prize ever awarded on an afternoon program in the history of Australian television.  Richardson's total includes the $35,500 he accumulated in Safe Money during his 11-game appearance on the show. He later admitted that if it wasn't for his 14-year-old son, George, signing him up for the show, without Dougal's knowledge, he wouldn't have won a single cent. If you are an Australian resident, check out the full episode of Dougal's well-deserved big win on the Million Dollar Minute page on Yahoo TV 7. For everyone one else, I'm sure a clip of his final Million Dollar Minute end game win will soon be available for everyone to view.

Sources: CBS, Yahoo TV 7

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