Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Let's Make A Deal" Debuts New Game, "Accelerator", Monday, October 6th

A couple of weeks ago, The Price Is Right debuted a new game (albeit a revival) to their stage. On Monday, October 6, Let's Make A Deal will follow suit by premiering a new high stakes game of their own called "Accelerator". The Roulette-styled game will give a lucky trader a chance to spin the large Accelerator wheel for a chance to win a brand new car. To win the car, the contestant must spin three times successfully and spell out the word "CAR" by landing on one of the letters in each spin. The catch is every time the contestant lands on a letter, the letter is replaced with a Zonk space and the game automatically ends if the ball lands on a Zonk. After each turn, the contestant will be given a chance to take a cash offer in lieu of potentially leaving with the game with nothing.

Yesterday, a short video of the game in action during a rehearsal session was posted on the show's Instagram account. You can check out more behind-the-scenes pictures of the "Accelerator" wheel being constructed in the photo set below and stay tuned for the debut of the new exciting, tension-building game on Monday's edition of Let's Make A Deal on CBS daytime.

Photo Credit: Let's Make A Deal

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