Monday, November 10, 2014

November Sweeps Highlights For The Week of November 10-14

Millionaire introduced this year’s November sweeps month with the show’s first-ever "Whiz Kids" week. The second week of sweeps month is going to be quite eventful. Special, DVR-worthy episodes include with Ken Jennings attempting to reclaim the top spot among the list of biggest-winning American game show contestants on Millionaire, The Price Is Right airing its third "Big Money Week", Let’s Make A Deal debuting its first-ever all-musical special, former Jeopardy! champions set to play the quarterfinal rounds in this year’s Tournament of Champions and the third season of GSN’s The Chase premiering with its first celebrity episode. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get into it.

GSN’s The Chase's First Celebrity Episode
GSN’s breakout hit series, The Chase, will return Tuesday evening at 8:00pm EST with a brand new, star-studded episode headlining the second half of the show’s third season. Stars Dean Cain, Seamus Dever and Boris Kodjoe will christen the American series’ first celebrity edition as they will go head-to-head-to-head against Mark “The Beast” Labbett. Cain will be playing for the Gary Sinise Foundation in support of programs honoring members of the U.S. military, Dever will be playing for the Beagle Freedom Project, which rescues beagles from animal experimentation research labs, and Kodjoe will be playing for Sophie’s Voice Foundation, which supports global health and wellness initiatives in multicultural communities and helps in broadening access to medical care and supplies to families in developing countries. 

Millionaire's World Records Week Featuring Ken Jennings
Because it’s sweeps month for network and syndicated shows, it’s no surprise to see Millionaire creating a variety of theme weeks for the month of November including last week’s “Whiz Kids” week, next week’s “Celebrity Week” and this week’s “World Records” Week. All of the competing contestants this week have accomplished amazing feats to land them in the Guinness Book of World Records including Robert Bretall, owner of the largest comic book collection, and Ken Jennings, the former record-holder for the “Largest Cash Prize Won on a TV Game Show”. Die-hard game show fans might want to tune-in Friday, November 14 and Monday, November 17 to check out Jennings in action and to see if he can reclaim the top spot over Brad Rutter among the all-time American game show winnings list.

2014 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions
The field is set for this season for this season’s tournament of champions as 15 of the best Jeopardy! champions from the past season will fight for the title of tournament champion and the top prize of $250,000. Since the Battle of The Decades tourney occurred last season, this season’s tournament will feature the top players who have won the most games since the last tournament in February 2013 along with two College Tournament champions from season 29 and 30 and a Teachers’ Tournament champion. Collectively, the 15 returning contenders have won 100 games and over $2.27 million. This year’s tournament will undoubtedly be the most intriguing one since the Battle of the Decades tourney because of Julia Collins’s and Arthur Chu’s appearance. The quarterfinal games kickoff today with the following 15 listed below in alphabetical order:

- Sandie Baker, 6 games won, $140,200 total winnings, Eastpoint, Mich.
- Joshua Brakhage, 5 games won, $103,205 total winnings, South Coffeyville, Okla.
- Arthur Chu, 11 games won, $,297,200 total winnings, Broadview Heights, Ohio
- Julia Collins, 20 games won, $428,100 total winnings, Kenilworth, Ill.
- Jim Coury, College Champion S29, $100,000 total winnings, Olmstead Falls, Ohio
- Jared Hall, 6 games won, $181,001 total winnings, Washington, D.C.
- Drew Horwood, 8 games won, $138,100 total winnings, Maple Grove, Minn.
- Ben Ingram, 8 games won, $176,534 total winnings, Florence, S.C.
- Mark Japinga, 4 games won, $112,600 total winnings, Madison, Wisc.
- Sarah McNitt, 5 games won, $89,398 total winnings, Ann Arbor, Mich.
- Andrew Moore, 6 games won, $137,803 total winnings, Dacula, Ga.
- Terry O’Shea, College Champion S30, $100,000 total winnings, Bridgewater, N.J.
- John Pearson, Teachers Tournament Champion, $100,000 total winnings, Richardson, Texas
- Rani Peffer, 5 games won, $68,701 total winnings, Crittenden, Ky.
- Rebecca Rider, 5 games won, $101,600 total winnings, Queens, N.Y.

The Price Is Right's Third “Big Money Week”
This week marks the CBS daytime game show’s third edition of its “Big Money Week”. Over $2 million in cash and prizes will be at stake with the aide of super-sized payouts in highlighted pricing games including a lucky contestant playing “Plinko” for $1 million at $200,000 per chip. Last season, Ani Khojasarian made TPIR history by becoming the first contestant to win the $100,000 top prize playing “Pay The Rent”. Could we see another record-breaking win this season? Stay tuned to find out.

Let's Make A Deal's All-Musical Special
Lets' Make A Deal will be airing is first-ever musical episode this Thursday during CBS daytime. All of the deals within the show (with, perhaps, the exception of The Big Deal of the Day) will be musically-themed by the cast of Brady, Mangum, Coyne and Grey singing improvised songs to the trader throughout the day. There's not much more to say here except stay tuned and don't forget!

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