Thursday, November 13, 2014

STAY TUNED: Million-Dollar “Plinko” on The Price Is Right’s “Big Money Week”

So far this week, nearly $500,000 has been up for grabs in the three super- sized pricing games combined during the third edition of The Price Is Right’s “Big Money Week”. Today’s featured pricing game for the special theme week will be raising the stakes by giving a contestant a chance to win up to $1 million playing “Plinko”. When it comes to big payouts, “Plinko” is the game to play. We’ve seen some pretty incredible prizes at stake within the past few decades of the game’s existence including the inflated increase to the now-permanent $50,000 format; $100,000 during primetime specials, $500,000 during the first “Big Money Week” and various other prizes including trips and cars during the All-Plinko episode last season. This year, the records for “highest daytime winnings” and “biggest daytime pricing game win” could be easily broken in one turn at $200,000 a chip. Check out this exclusive short sneak peak some snapshots of today’s episode featuring the million-dollar “Plinko” game.

Photo Credit: CBS

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