Monday, February 16, 2015

VIDEO REPLAY: "The Price Is Right" Kicks Off #UDecide Week With $75,000 Rat Race Win

Two weeks ago, The Price Is Right gave viewers a chance to vote on various elements for this week's #UDecide series of episodes via Twitter including which prizes should be given away, what pricing games should be played and which exclusive behind-the-scenes clips should be shown to the home viewers. The first #UDecide segment occurred during the third pricing game upon the viewers choosing the $100,000 version of "Rat Race" over "Grand Game". Anthony Cork was the lucky contestant who had the chance to win the super-sized grand prize if all three of his chosen rats placed, or at least win $75,000; $15,000; or $10,000 if one of his rats came in first, second, or third, respectively. It wouldn't take long for Cork's luck to run out temporarily after winning only one rat to compete in the race. Although his chances of emerging victorious were slim, Cork beat the odds and became $75,000 richer. Check out his photo-finish victory in the clip below and make sure you stay tuned all this week for TPIR's #UDecide Week!

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