Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VIDEO REPLAY: Rick Galten Wins $100,000 On “Wheel of Fortune”

Last night, Rick Galten, a court reporter from Fairfield, CA, was the latest contestant to break six-figures on Wheel of Fortune thanks to his big $100,000 bonus round payoff. After exhibiting an impressive main game performance, including solving the night’s first two toss-ups and earning $21,000 with the Express wedge, Galten faced his bonus puzzle. Once he correctly solved the puzzle, UPHOLSTERY FABRIC, Galten became the season’s second highest winner with $130,565 in cash and prizes, trailing Sarah Manchester by a few hundred thousand dollars ($1,017,490) and topping Chad Ruter’s natural $100K+ winning sum of $100,623. Not a bad way to start Wheel's "Wheel Around The World" week. Check out the big win in the clip below.

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