Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Back On The Shelf: HLN & Channel 4 Pull “Heads Up” & “The Million Pound Drop”

Two surprising updates surfaced earlier this week regarding HLN’s upcoming game show Heads Up and Channel 4’s popular game show The Million Pound Drop. Both networks have announced they will not be airing any new episodes of their respective programs in the near future. With Heads Up, this is an odd decision considering all 65 episodes of the first season have already been taped with host Loni Love and were ready to air daily from Monday through Friday. Alison Rudnick, a spokeswoman for HLN, confirmed the network’s preemptive cancellation. According to Variety, the last-second yank concerning the show, based on Ellen DeGeneres’ eponymously named mobile game and talk show segment, is the latest signal that CNN is rethinking HLN’s objective and direction.

As for The Million Pound Drop in the UK, Channel 4 decided to put a kibosh on the five year-old primetime program in an effort to save money for the network and invest in other shows. “Bosses have decided to put their money into other shows and there are no plans currently to bring back Million Pound Drop. People say it’s a shame as it had a big following”, said an insider to The Sun. Although The Million Pound Drop has been cancelled for the time being, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said the David McCall-hosted show “could come back at some stage”. The biggest cash prizes given away during the show’s run were £300,000 for charity in a celebrity episode featuring comedian Jack Whitehall and his dad Michael, and £250,000 in a civilian episode.

Sources: The Sun, Variety

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