Friday, October 28, 2016

VIDEO REPLAY: Christen Freeman Sets New TPIR Daytime Records With $210,000 “Cliff Hangers” Win

All this week, The Price Is Right has given contestants a chance to win massive cash prizes throughout each episode. This year’s "Big Money" games were “Hot Seat” for $100,000; “Hole In One” for $100,000; “Plinko” for $1 million and “1/2 Off” for $100,000. Some of the other temporary Big Money Week changes included a perfect bid worth $5,000 (normally $500), winning $45,000 for landing on 45¢ in a bonus spin during the Showcase Showdown and earning a $10,000 bonus if “Race Game” was won in 30 seconds or less. After it seemed like the lone highlight of the week was Raymond Keefe’s $101,000 win in “1/2 Off” on Monday’s show, Christen Freeman rose to the occasion and capped off the special week by winning an impressively staggering $210,000 playing “Cliff Hangers” – the final pricing game of the day whose top prize was worth $250,000. After waiting all show to win her way on stage, Freeman soon became The Price Is Right's biggest pricing game and overall winner in the history of the CBS daytime version. Freeman won a grand total of $213,876, including a $1,000 bonus from the second Showcase Showdown.

Both records were formerly held by Sheree Heil in 2013 upon winning “Gas Money” during the show’s “Best of 2013” special with $167,300 and $170,345; respectively. As a quick end note, today's episode featuring all-cash top prizes for all six pricing games reminds me of what The Price Is Right had done in 1998 during its 5,000th show by giving away cars in each game. Check out Freeman’s exciting moment in the clip below.

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