Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning News Updates For May 15, 2014

Good morning, game show fans! Today’s morning news update will review some of the past, present and future events from the world of game shows including ratings updates for syndicated game shows and FOX’s new improv game show, The Price Is Right unveiling the new “Card Game” set and the upcoming season premiere of Bet on Your Baby

Past: Syndicated, Cable, Network Ratings and TPIR’s "Card Game” Gets a Makeover
On Monday night’s new episode of TBS’s Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show, the show once again suffered a drop an total viewers averaged a less than impressive 722,000 viewers accompanied by a 0.9 rating among the key A18-49 demo. Despite the drop, the show managed slightly rise to a #90 ranking among the top 100 rated shows among Adults 18-49, compared to the show’s #91 ranking last week.

Meanwhile, in the world of syndicated game shows, the four gamers all saw a bump in Household ratings for the week ending on May 4th:  

Wheel of Fortune---6.9 (+5%)-------10.809 million----3rd Overall
Jeopardy--------------6.7 (+5%)-------10.498 million----4th Overall
Family Feud----------5.2 (+6%)--------7.625 million----6th Overall
Millionaire-------------2.2 (+5%)-------3.016 million---25th Overall

According to the National ratings for the week of April 28, Millionaire equaled an 8-week high in Household ratings and a 5-week high in total viewers by successfully growing week to week in Households and total viewers.  

The Tuesday night 9:00pm series premiere of the new FOX improv “game show”, Riot, averaged only 1.34 million viewers with a dismal 0.5 ratings share among Adults 18-49. If that weren’t bad enough, the show ranked DEAD last among the 15 network shows that aired Tuesday night. For those of who haven’t seen Riot yet, here’s how it works: as Robert Lloyd from the Los Angeles Times states in his article about the show, it’s “sort of a cross between Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Wipeout. In the show, executive produced by Steve Carell, the actors must perform improv scenes while facing a variety of obstacles and distractions including performing in complete darkness, on a tilting stage or while trying to avoid a huge wrecking ball swinging through from time to time. 

It would be an understatement to say that those ratings are dismal and disappointing for a primetime show — even for FOX. I can sort of understand if the show were placed in a crappy 10:00pm Friday time slot. But, if this series pulled those kind of ratings with a 8:00pm lead-in from a Glee season finale, Riot will soon be finished before anyone would really get a chance to see it.

In the world of The Price Is Right, yesterday’s episode featured the return of one of the longest-running pricing games on the show: "Card Game”. As many TPIR fans would tell you, in this pricing game, contestants are given a base bid price of $15,000 and must draw cards from a standard 52-playing card deck to increase their bid. If their bids falls within a predetermined range of the actual retail price of the car without going over, they will win the car. The producers decided to put the pricing game on a temporary two-year hiatus to give it a fresh, Vegas-themed look. Take a look at the updated game in action in the clip below. It looks pretty cool.

Present: Super Deal Week & "Battle of The Decades" Finals
Let’s Make a Deal’s Super Deal week has returned once more to give traders a chance to win $50,000 in cash in addition to all of the prizes from the Big Deal of The Day. So far, no one has won the big bucks yet. But, the week is not over yet with today’s and Friday’s episodes remaining.There’s still time for a contestant to win it all and potentially become the biggest winner in the history of Let’s Make a Deal, like Jorge’s huge +$70,000 win about two years ago.

In other news, Jeopardy’s Battle of the Decades tournament is quickly coming to a close and the stage has been set for the two-game $1 million final round. Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Roger Craig will be facing each for the next two days. Heed my words: THIS IS A MATCHUP YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. I apologize if it seems that I am shouting, but that’s how excited I am to see these three terrific champions go head-to-head-to-head against each other. We’ve already seen Brad defeat Ken in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions in 2005 and Ken technically defeat Brad in the 2011 IBM Challenge. With Roger Craig in the mix, this will be a historic final battle for the ages, next to the IBM Challenge, of course. By the way, if Ken Jennings wins the finals, he will become the new highest all-time money winner on Jeopardy!. He's only behind Brad by about $133,000.

Stay tuned for both shows during CBS daytime and in syndication, respectively.

Future: Bet on Your Baby Season Premiere
In a little more than two weeks from now, the second season of the ABC kid-friendly game show Bet on Your Baby will debut with Melissa Peterman at helm once again. The series has parents guess whether or not their child can successfully perform certain tasks in order to earn money (up to $55,000) toward their child’s education. As I have stated in my review, this is a good and fun show to watch, especially with Melissa Peterman actively engaging with the contestants, the children during the "Baby Talk” segments before commercial breaks, the studio audience and even with the crew on occasion. The main reason I had doubt for the show getting renewed for a second season was because of its Saturday time slot. Other than that, I’m genuinely glad this game is returning, albeit it’s still stuck in the same crappy time slot. Check out the season premiere of Bet On Your Baby Saturday, May 31 at 8:00pm ET on ABC.

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