Thursday, October 16, 2014

VIDEO REPLAY: Tesla Model S Won Playing "One Away" on "The Price Is Right"

It looks like lightning struck twice for The Price Is Right's second installment of "Dream Car Week". Throughout the week, the CBS daytime show has offered contestants a chance to play pricing games with luxury automobiles at stake including a Maserati, a Range Rover and a Porsche. Today's featured car was a Tesla Model S. After winning the day's first item up for bid in contestant's row, Vanessa Ansoorian made her way onto the stage to play "One Away", the first game of the day and one of the more tougher car pricing games, for the Tesla. This was, to say the least, a very surprising, jaw-dropping win. Check out Vanessa's $79,000+ win in the clip below. On a quick end note, although she won her pricing game, Vanessa fell short in the Showcase Showdown and walked away with only (to use the term loosely) $81,212 in prizes.

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