Friday, October 2, 2015

ABC Renews “500 Questions” For Second Season

Here’s some interesting and slightly surprising game show news for you this morning: ABC has decided to give the primetime hard quizzer 500 Questions another chance as the show was renewed for a second season. Created by Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell and hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest, the series is scheduled to return in 2016. ABC’s reason for bringing back 500 Questions is due to the network’s continuing effort to "repopularize the trivia-style game show format.” The goal of the game is for contestants, billed as “geniuses”, to answer 500 questions before getting three “wrongs” in a row. Contestants could win over $500,000 if they can complete the daunting challenge.

Since the show premiered, I have had plenty of doubts of the show’s return to network primetime television from its less-than-impressive viewership figures to gaps with the format including low cash payouts and a lack of a concrete grand prize once a contestant has reached the 500th question summit. Despite my initial prediction for the show’s demise after its first season, ABC will roll the dice on 500 Questions once more. I hope the game show event has a strong second outing and we see more contestants reach six-figure sums along with more questions to ensure the show reaches at least 500-question quota by season’s end. The second season will more than likely open with Dr. Richard Mason beginning his quest after Adam Villani exited the game on his 146th question.

Sources: Deadline, Variety

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