Thursday, October 1, 2015

NBC Orders Ten Episodes of Game Show Based on “QuizUp” App

The network announced their acquisition of the eponymous game show yesterday afternoon. QuizUp will have in-studio contestants attempt to win eight trivia battles against home viewers who play via the mobile app. In order to qualify to compete as a in-studio or home contestant, players will have to pass a weekly trivia quiz. Defeating all eight home-viewing contestants wins the in-studio contestant the $1 million grand prize. Contestants who win their games at home will receive the money attached to the round. The format was created by Jeff Apploff (Don’t Forget The Lyrics) and Wes Kauble (The Newlywed Game) and developed in-house by Universal Television in partnership with Plain Vanilla Corp., the Icelandic game studio that created the game. QuizUp will be shopped by NBCU International Formats at MIPCOM next week. Viewers will have a chance to play-along with the show through the NBC QuizUp live interactive app by answering the same questions as displayed on the broadcasts, even if they don’t qualify for the show. Head to the QuizUp's website for more information on how you can download the addicting social trivia game to your mobile device. INTERNATIONAL UPDATE: ITV has ordered a pilot of QuizUp from NBC Universal International Studios. The show was ordered by Elaine Bedell, ITV's director of entertainment and comedy.

NBC’s latest game show endeavor not only shows the network’s persistence in producing highly-interactive programming, but also the subtle increasing trend in producing game shows based on mobile games. To my knowledge, this will be the fourth mobile game to be developed into a game show within the past few years (Keywords in 2015, Draw It! based on Draw Something in 2014, Heads Up! in 2016). Speaking as an avid fan of QuizUp and given the show will not stray far from the app’s gameplay format, this could work as the next hit NBC game show. Additionally, it further helps that the show would already have a fan base considering the app has over 75 million users since it launched in 2013. Honestly, I thought Trivia Crack would have been transformed into a game show before QuizUp considering its overnight popularity earlier this year. Hopefully, this interactive game show will last longer than live-broadcasted series Million Second Quiz or even ABC’s Rising Star, both which drew subpar ratings during their summer appearances. Stay tuned for further updates concerning the show's development. 

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