Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Afternoon News Updates For June 4, 2014

Guess what day it is! Guess what day it is?! -- Okay, that's enough of that. I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday so far. Today’s brief afternoon news update will review upcoming premieres, impressive game show highlights and a television production company "branching" out. 

Today: Endemol U.K. Launches 'Remarkable Games’ Game Show Format Unit
Endemol U.K. announced earlier today that the independent TV production unit is launching Remarkable Games, an arm that will exclusively focus on producing game show formats for the British and international markets. Remarkable Games will be part of Endemol’s U.K.’s Remarkable Television division. James Fox, who was the former head of entertainment at Remarkable Television, will serve as creative director of Remarkable Games. Fox will be reporting to Remarkable Television’s joint managing directors Nick Mather and Colette Foster. According to Endemol Remarkable Games will be creating "a new portfolio of game show formats as well as further building the success of Remarkable’s existing hits in the genre”. Remarkable Games is looking to add to Remarkable Television’s list of successful game shows, which currently include Pointless, The Million Pound Drop and (hopefully) Ejector Seat. Fox states, “The launch of Remarkable Games is set to accelerate the growth of our game show output, which already engages millions of devoted fans on TV, via apps, on social media and more.” 

Stay Tuned: “It Takes A Church” Dating Show Premieres Thursday on GSN
After a new episode of Emmy Award-nominated game show The American Bible Challenge, GSN’s newest dating show It Takes A Church will be making its series premiere on the network. Each week n the reality show hosted by Christian singer/songwriter and author Natalie Grant, one unsuspecting single who is actively seeking a mate will be helped by members of their church and Pastor to help them find their soulmate. The show also partnered with ChristianMingle. Through the partnership with the dating website company, GSN will produce a series of segments for Christian Mingle that will air during commercial breaks throughout the show and the company will be provided with in-show integration for the season. As an added bonus, all the potential suitors who were not chosen as the “one” will receive annual memberships to ChristianMingle. 

I’m not surprised in the least that this show was paired with The American Bible Challenge on GSN’s schedule. This is another GSN reality show I will be rooting for a renewal (the first being App Wars) considering that it’s feel-good reality show that sends out a positive message with a unique twist on the basic dating show concept and it has a good chance of attaining respectable ratings because it follows one of GSN’s cornerstone primetime shows. 

CHECK IT OUT: Closest Non-Tie Game In Wheel History?
Yesterday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune will be one to go into the record books as one of the closest games ever (besides the two-way tie that occurred in 2003). Last night’s winner entered into the bonus round by the slimmest of margins of $3. Check out the episode below to see it unfold.

Highlight of The Day: The Price Is Right’s YouTube “Two Screen Experience” 
All this week, the CBS daytime game show has been making its presence known in the social media world by kicking off its first-ever “Socially Awesome Week”. So far this week, The Price Is Right has marked the occasion with viewers and studio audience members to posting '#TPIRSelfie’s on Twitter, live chatting with Rachel Reynolds on Facebook, giving viewers a chance to win a trip to Hawaii on Pintrest and streaming the show live on YouTube. On today’s YouTube episode, avid fans of the show finally had the chance to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of what happens during a taping of an episode of the The Price Is Right from the director calling the shots in the control room to the crew prepping the prizes to go out on to the stage. This is a unique episode you will not want to miss. If you did this morning, you can check it out now on YouTube…or by viewing the shows in the video below.

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